Our History

Applied Biotech International Nigeria Limited (ABINL/ABI-NIGERIA) is an indigenous scientific company with a focus on improving the quality of life across the globe, particularly in developing nations, by advancing science and biotechnology research and supporting governments, industry and academia in producing practical results. This top-notch Biotech Company in Nigeria was established by Prof. Diuto Esiobu, PhD alongside an international team of multidisciplinary scientists in the year 2006 and since then have stood its ground as a leader in equipping academia and industry in Africa and beyond for sustainable Science and Technology education, research and application.   ABINL is run by world class Scientists, Engineers, Educators and Researchers in Agricultural, Biomedical and environmental Biotech and presents expertise in the following areas:

  • Consulting on the design and execution of cutting-edge biotechnology laboratories, as well as grants and technical reviews
  • Strategic Policy guidance and Project management and risk assessment in Science
  • Hands-on personnel training and workshops on the very latest in our fields, delivered by seasoned instructors with decades of unparalleled experience
  • Technical laboratory services such as gene sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, Paternity tests, micro-propagation and tissue culture of select plant species, disease diagnosis and Drug discovery research.

Since its formation in 2006, ABINL has rapidly made a name for itself in different aspects of Biotechnology through capacity building, Consultation, Design and equipping Many Molecular Labs etc. It has  executed several high-profile projects, including work with the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), University of Nigeria, Nsukka; Federal University of Technology, Yola; and Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria among others. Most of the booming molecular labs in different states of Nigeria Was set up by ABINL

Applied Biotech Intl Nig Ltd has its parent body based in South Florida, USA, and is made up of five semi-autonomous subsidiaries:

1) Applied Biotech Institute for Training and Technology Transfer. The Institute conducts training and research as well as awards diplomas for short and long term studies in all areas of Molecular Biology and Biotech.

2) Applied Biotech Lab Design, Equipment and Supplies which specializes in providing expert guidance in procuring and furnishing every equipment and consumable needed for Biotech research in particular and Science and Engineering in general.

3) Applied Biotech Consult whose activity span from project design and supervision, policy guidance, to grant writing and technical reviews.

4) Applied Biotech Laboratory Services which provides Hi-tech analytical services in DNA fingerprinting, Bacteria Id, Risk Assessment, Bioremediation monitoring, Disease detection and paternity tests and much more

5) Applied Biotech Manufacturing which is involved in the manufacturing of lab ware and relevant devices and reagents in Biotech research and training.  This department also bridges the gap between research and the industry.