COVID19 Consultancy


Please find below our unique products for infection control in your work environment, offices, schools, hotels, banks, shops, hospitals, worship centres and homes for your consideration.

Please note that quotes are exclusive of all taxes.

S/N Item name Description and Features Unit Price (N)
1 Mobile thermometry disinfection channel


·         Infrared body temperature measurement

·         Contact free UV spray hand sanitizer

·         Ultrasonic atomization system,

·         20L Stainless steel tank with liquid level indicator and refill alarm

·         8 strategically placed wide-range sprayers for optimal sterilization

·         Sterilization time control

·         Overhead LED lighting (easy to use at night)

·         Compact and attractive design

·         Foldable. It can be disassembled for easy storage

·         Universal wheel with braking function, easy to move

·         Stainless steel construction

·         Side panels made of unbreakable polycarbonate sheets

·         Child and adult detection technology for optimal sterilization

·         Equipped with hygienic sponge mat to disinfect soles of shoes upon entrance

·         Comes with Warranty 1year




2 Sanitizing solution Comes in various sizes to meet your specific need.

Ideal for use with all kinds of Disinfectant machines/sprayers

Safe to use with no health implications

Germicidal (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal)

Not for Oral use


500mls 10pieces (MOQ)

1L   5pieces (MOQ)

4L   2pieces (MOQ)

25L 1piece (MOQ)










The above quotes are inclusive of local transportation.

60% deposit at order. Balance 40% to be paid on delivery

Delivery time between 3 – 14 days

Installation and maintenance costs are not included and are negotiable.



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3 Minifog machine/ Disinfectant sprayer



Multi-function air disinfection spray machine

4.5L tank capacity

10m Effective spraying distance

Adjustable fog volume

Simple operation/filling/emptying/cleaning

Corrosion Resistant, anti-cracking, shockproof, and constant temperature.

Patented technology adopted to prevent the solution from flowing back.

Ideal for inside and outside spaces (homes and gardens)

Chemical saving frequency-conversion motor, adjustable delivery lift and noise.


Available on request
4 Outdoor Portable handwash station

·         Convenient to use

·         Foot operated

·         Ideal for outdoor spaces

·         Clear water tank:66L

·         Waste water tank:81L

Available on request
5 Mobile phone sanitizer box ·         Portable

·         LED light

·         UV disinfection

·         Safe to use

Available on request